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ESC is Saudi developed firm that was established in 2014 at Jedda-Saudi Arabia, it is an independent company offering high quality technical in the Environmental and Marine Environmental Protection services. Services are provided in the disciplines of environmental consulting, preparing and submitting the Environmental Impact Assessment Reports, Social Impact Assessment, and Management of solid and liquid wastes, field sampling and environmental testing. ESC also provides wide marine environmental services such as marine survey for EIA and Environmental monitoring purpose, biodiversity distribution and destruction assessment for Economic Value assessment. ESC team has a good experience in the marine fauna and flora restoration, and marine biological and chemical monitoring.

The firm is a privately held corporation and is not a subsidiary of another company. However, ESC has alliance in the Environmental business collaboration locally and internationally. PANindia is our international alliance in the field of GIS application. They practice many tools for remote sensing and Environmental Remediation, and Environmental Sensitivity mapping. Locally, our Partners SEPCOP is specialized in the waste management and disposal over wide activities in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Environmental Laboratory is our local partner which approved by PME to provide wide services in the Air Quality Assessment, Water monitoring, Noise, and Meteorological measurements.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide accurate and timely technical information at a reasonable cost. We are committed to environmentally responsible operations, which include using natural resources wisely and considering the overall impact on the environment.

Our Services

Consultancy Services

  • Pollution Control Programs
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Environmental Site Assessment
    • Environmental Data Base
    • Environmental Audit
    • Environmental Impact Statement
    • Environmental Monitoring and Control Program etc.,
  • Environmental Risk Management
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14000
  • Environmental Value Management
  • Environmental Project Planning
  • Environmental Resource Management & Regional Development
  • Environmental Pollution Control Facility Design
  • Sustainability Development programs
  • Hazardous Waste Management System Planning
  • Hazardous Waste Facility Design etc.,
  • Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001
  • Occupational , Health, and Safety System OHSAS 18001

Environmental Contracting Services under Hazardous Waste Management

  • Clinical Waste Management
    • Shredding and Stabilization of Clinical Waste:
    • Incinerating of Clinical Waste
  • Oily Sludge Treatment Techniques
    • Tank Cleaning:
    • Oil Spill Clean Up:
    • Crude Oily Sludge Treatment
    • Crude Oily Sludge Disposal
  • Pollution Control Techniques
  • Environmental Parameters Monitoring etc.,

Environmental Training Services

  • Environmental Value Management
  • Indoor Environment Management
  • Environmental Resource & Waste Management System
  • Environmental Audit & Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Parameters Monitoring & Pollution Control Techniques
  • Environmental Health & Risk Management
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14000
  • Environmental Project Planning
  • Clinical Waste Management etc.,

Environmental sustainability

Practices are incorporated by identifying and implementing techniques and practices that emphasize the environmental management hierarchy of pollution prevention (source reduction), reuse, recycling, treatment, and environmentally safe disposal.

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